Kyoei Marine
– Excellence of
Offshore Vessel

Global Standard
Ship Management

Contributing to Society
through Support
for Renewable
Energy Sources

Projects that Are Novel
to Japan and the World

Japan's Oceanographic Activities
and Development


Ship Management

We provide offshore vessel management services
such as crew management, safety management and technical maintenance of vessels.

The Path We Have Taken

History of our offshore vessel services for the past four decades and recent examples of ship management

Services and Vessels

Our services (crew management, vessel safety management, and technical maintenance) and vessels under management.

Strengths and Achievements of Kyoei Marine

Past projects and our unique capabilities in both tangible/intangible settings.


Safety Management

We have an abundance of know-how and experience in the inspection of foreign vessels. Count on Kyoei Marine for consulting and support services when introducing international-standard systems.


Based on Know-How

Alongside our industry-leading customers, we create new out-of-the-box solutions for vessel management.